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Protect against business risk with this must-have business app

We recognise it’s tough running a business right now and the world is rapidly moving to digital tools to save us time and help us work smarter.  So we’ve teamed up with Gallagher Bassett to bring you a clever business tool that can help you protect your business beyond just an insurance policy. 

Instead of juggling multiple dashboards and spreadsheets, Brisk can help you run your business in one easy to use dashboard.  Keep an eye on your business clients, suppliers, finances, people, security and more – all in one place.  It’s like having your own digital protection assistant.

What Brisk can do

Brisk is helping…


Insure and protect their business so they can focus on what they need to be doing


Stay on top of finances, security, people and more in one easy to use tool


Streamline AML/KYC monitoring and create additional revenue streams


Branded augmented intelligence platform to enhance risk monitoring

360° monitoring

Brisk connects to real-time data feeds to automate the monitoring of risks and opportunities:
Saving opportunities, late paying customers, supply chain disruption, online reputation, cyber security, employee wellbeing and more.
Businesses and their advisers can anticipate and act like never before, saving valuable time and money.

Tailored and adaptive financial services

Static insurance policies and financial services that don’t reward better ‘risks’ are out-dated.
Brisk is working with progressive insurance and financial services providers to usher in the next generation of financial protection products that recognise and reward well-run businesses.

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