Smart insurance for startups

You didn’t start a business to spend time on insurance and admin.  Brisk is a modern way to protect your business beyond just an insurance policy:

  • Tailored business insurance that matches your need
  • Your own digital protection assistant watching your back 24/7
  • Business tools to save you time and money running your business

Why Brisk?

Protection beyond insurance...

It’s hard to know what cover you need. Brisk uses data to help you profile the risks your business faces and matches you to the insurance cover you need.

What about the things my insurance doesn’t cover me for?  How do I protect myself against these threats? Insurance only goes so far to protect you if you suffer a loss.


54% of businesses are hacked every year and suffer an average loss of £800

(Source: FSB survey)

...Saving time & money

The admin associated with running a business can mount up and consume your valuable time.

When you buy insurance through Brisk, we automatically create useful compliance tasks and reminders with links to guidance and templates:  Health & Safety notices, data protection checks, renewal dates etc.

What can Brisk do?

Cyber Threats

Brisk keeps an eye on your cyber security and lets you know if your email has been breached

Check companies

Add clients and suppliers to check credit worthiness and other risk factors


Monitor customer reviews and get alerted when you appear in the news online


Track holiday, sickness and other time-off with a built-in automated time-off calendar

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Bringing it all together

Business insurance + 24/7 protection in a single app

We don’t believe protecting a business is just about having an old-fashioned insurance policy that sits on a shelf and doesn’t do anything unless you have a claim.  We take a holistic approach to helping you protect your business.
Brisk is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and privately owned.  We use secure technology with advanced encryption to keep your data secure.
We also make sure your data and information stays confidential and works in service of you.

Get started in three simple steps!

It takes just a minute to get your Brisk membership.

  1. Register your name and company (no payment needed)
  2. Choose the areas that are important to you
  3. Take an insurance health-check to see what cover you need

Let Brisk go to work watching your back!

Already have insurance or use a broker?

Upload your current insurance and do a quick health-check.  Access Brisk’s wider benefits.  Invite your Broker to Brisk and get them watching your back too.

Not ready for insurance yet?

Use Brisk to help you set-up your business and simplify the admin: Start-up checklists and reminders, time-off tracking tool and more. Brisk will automatically monitor risks and help you decide when to get insurance.

Still not convinced?

Consider this:  Over 60% of UK businesses are actually under-insured (source Allianz).  Lose a laptop that isn’t insured, suffer a cyber attack, write-off an unpaid invoice from a client who can’t pay you and you could be running a risk of between £2-6k by not keeping a close eye on the risks your business is exposed to.  

By using Brisk, we can help you reduce this risk without all the work.  For the price of a standard insurance policy Brisk gives you combined Insurance AND risk monitoring.  This is insurance protection for the modern business.

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